Yes, that is correct. Physics graduates have a wide range of career options in fields such as engineering, technology, research, and many others. Physics provides a strong foundation in mathematical and analytical skills that are highly valued in many industries. On the other hand, biology graduates tend to have more limited career options, mainly in fields related to the life sciences and healthcare. However, it is important to note that both subjects are important and have their own unique benefits and opportunities. Ultimately, the decision of which subject to study should be based on individual interests, strengths, and career goals.

Here are some examples of how studying Physics can provide students in Singapore with greater career opportunities compared to those who study Biology:

  1. Engineering: Physics graduates have a strong foundation in mathematical and analytical skills, which are critical for careers in engineering, such as electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineering. These careers tend to be well-paying and in high demand, offering opportunities for growth and advancement.
  2. Technology: Physics graduates are well-equipped to work in technology-related industries, such as software development, computer hardware, and telecommunications. These careers offer high earning potential and opportunities for growth, as technology is a rapidly evolving field with a constant demand for skilled professionals.
  3. Research and Development: Physics graduates are well-suited for careers in research and development, where they can contribute to scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements. Companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and renewable energy often hire Physics graduates for research and development roles.
  4. Finance: Physics graduates often possess strong problem-solving and analytical skills, which are highly valued in finance-related industries. Physics graduates can work in areas such as investment banking, risk management, and financial engineering.

Here are some job roles in Singapore that a student who studies Physics can consider:

  1. Engineer: Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Software Engineer
  2. Researcher: Physicist, Materials Scientist
  3. Data Scientist or Analyst
  4. Financial Analyst or Investment Banker
  5. Educator: Physics Teacher, College Professor, Science Educator
  6. Technologist: Software Developer, Computer Hardware Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer
  7. Project Manager in technology industry
  8. Sales Engineer or Technical Salesperson in technology industry
  9. Technical Support Specialist or Technical Service Engineer in technology industry
  10. Environmental Scientist or Geophysicist in the renewable energy or sustainability sector

These are some of the job roles that Physics graduates in Singapore can consider, taking into account the current job market and demand for skilled professionals in different industries. The specific job roles available will depend on individual strengths, interests, and experience, as well as the job trends in the Singapore job market.