O Level Physics Tuition

Are you looking for a reliable O level Physics tutor who will help you excel? Kung Fu Physics is the perfect choice for you. Over the years, I have helped thousands of students master Physics by using holistic teaching processes. I understand the challenges that you go through trying to study and master the various physics concepts and will use my expertise and resources to help you succeed.

The testimonials from students who have tried my  O levels physics tuition services is proof of my commitment and determination to help you score the highest grade possible in physics.

What Is the Syllabus of O Level Physics?

Before we look at the specific topics in the syllabus, it is important to note that one of the main objectives of o level physics syllabus 6091 is to help you get a deeper understanding of the technological world that we live in today. The topics will also help you comprehend and develop an informed interest in scientific developments.

I use practical and theoretical studies to help you fully grasp the basic principles of physics and apply. After the lessons, you will be able to apply the information and skills acquired in real life situations confidently. The topics that we cover include:

  • Measurement of Physical Quantities
  • Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
  • Mass, Weight, and Density
  • Pressure
  • Thermal Physics
  • Forces and Turning Effect of Forces
  • General Wave Properties
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Converging Lens
  • Reflection and Refraction of Light
  • Static Electricity
  • Sound
  • Practical Electric Circuitry
  • Direct Current Circuits
  • Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  • Radioactivity and the Nuclear Atom

The O level physics tuition lessons are appropriately structured and scheduled to ensure that each topic is comprehensively covered.

What Would You Expect From Kung Fu Physics the Top O Level Physics Tutor

The quality of physics tuition (centres in Bt Timah and Bishan) offered by Mr Gabriel Tan is unequal to no other in Singapore as evident from the hundreds of students who have used his O level physics classes to master the subject. Here are some of the primary attributes that make Kung Fu Physics the best physics tuition Singapore provider.

Well Planned and Scheduled O level Physics Lessons

In a bid to ensure that all topics are comprehensively covered, and the students’ understand the concepts fully, the lessons are well planned and scheduled. This makes it possible for all students to attend the classes. The class scheduled is available on the website and its updated regularly to ensure that it continues to work well for all students. In case you miss a lesson, you can also liaise with me to organize a makeup class for you, but it is highly recommended to plan to ensure that you do not end up missing many lessons.

Use of Theory and Demonstrations Learning Processes

Physics is one of the foundation subjects that students need to master to score high grades in the final exam and progress to the advanced level. It is not possible to teach the concepts using theory only. As a result, I uses demonstrations to enhance understanding of the concepts.

One of the highlights that make us the best physics tuition agency is that we go beyond teaching physics to help you pass exams. Even though that is one of the main goals, our other focus is to help you understand how you can apply physics concepts in real life situations. However do note the JC cut-off points here.

Plenty of Concise and Quality Notes

KungFu Physics offers plenty of well-written and organized notes on every topic to the students. The notes are not only quality but also concise and directly related to the topics taught in class. Reading these notes will help you to understand the various topics such as electronic magnetism in the most precise way and within the shortest time possible.

I also go an extra mile to include a set of questions in each set of notes to help you gauge understands before proceeding to the next topic. Your speed will be put to the test through a series of time-based tests that are very empowering and relevant to the physics topics. More importantly, you will get a series of secret manuals and complementary notes that will help you prepare for exams smarter and make that grab for A’s.

Kung Fu Physics Journey (KFPJ)

I strongly believe that mastering O level physics is like learning Kung Fu martial arts. Based on this belief, I have created a unique Kung Fu Physics Journey that has been tested and proven to be effective in helping students understand the various concepts and topics well.

The five stages are:

  1. Foundation
  2. Basic Strokes: Definitions, concepts, formulas, common questions, problem solving
  3. Basic Kung Fu: Identification of concepts accurately, application of formulas, qualitative questions, fast problem solving
  4. Advanced Kung Fu: Connecting concepts and formula, accurate identification of concepts, solving complex problems, answering advanced qualitative questions
  5. Master Level: Interdisciplinary concepts, application of physics in life, sports, economics, business, leadership, management

Mastering each stage well will also make it easy for you to understand the concepts taught in the other advanced stages.

Mr Gabriel Tan – Top O Levels Physics Tuition Tutor in BT Timah

I conduct all lessons myself. I used to work at Raffles Junior College (Raffle Institution) as a Physics Lecturer and Head of Department of Innovation at Catholic High School. Also, I have two decades of experience of teaching physics at Junior Colleges, Integrated Programme (IP), and O-Level.

Using my knowledge and experience acquired over the years, I help students to master the various physics concepts and empower them with skills that they can apply later in life in the most simplistic way. I am passionate about this subject and always go to great lengths to ensure that every student succeeds.


Gabriel is highly effective in communicating and transferring of knowledge in the subject to the student. My Daughter has benefited from his programme. Highly Recommended” – Kevin Low

Good physics tuition and helped me improve a lot. The environment is also conducive for learning” – Chuah Minghui

The physics tuition there is extremely helpful for students. Highlights the key points of the syllabus accurately and is very time-efficient. There are also some practical time-based exercises for speed training too.” – Yin Jingyuan

Get a new perception of physics, start getting confident about physics and reach for the (A) stars today by enrolling for our O level physics tuition classes in Singapore.

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