Physics is one of the most challenging subjects, and statistics show that many students need extra physics tuition in Singapore. There is an ever-increasing number of O Level physics tutors in Singapore and choosing the best one for your child is no mean fete. With the fees that go into tuition, you want to make sure that you get the best from the O Levels physics tutor.

As a parent or guardian, there are many things to expect from physics tuition in (really good ones can be found especially in Bishan, Bt Timah) and Singapore in general, among them improved performance in physics. The students also have a similar expectation in addition to understanding the principles that will prepare them for a future career as well as in solving everyday problems.

Things to consider for O Level Physics Tuition

Before you go looking for a highly qualified and experienced physics tutor in Singapore, here are some things to consider

Review Parent/Guardian and Student testimonials

Thanks to social media, it is easy to know the best agencies offering physics tuition in Bt Timah. Most parents, guardians, and students take to Facebook among other social media sites to rate their physics tutors especially what they helped them achieve. Before you settle for a physics tutor, look up their website and social media page and see the comments left by previous clients. There are also consumer rights websites that you can read to know what you can expect of tutors offering physics tuition in Singapore.

Students Need to Have Tackled Principles in Class

A tutor cannot teach a student something they have not learnt in class. Before you hire a tutor for your child take into consideration what they have learnt in class. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the student to piece together the O Level physics syllabus if they have not been taught in class. Besides, if they are already ahead in the syllabus, they might belittle their teachers and thus land him or her in trouble. It will further aggravate their performance in the subject.

Tutor Cooperation

The experts offering physics tuition in Singapore are knowledgeable with most of them showing a high level of dedication. They will help your child understand the principles of physics as well as offer suggestions on the resources to use while they are at school. However, they are not miracle workers, and it will need you to encourage your child to cooperate with the tutor to improve their grades. You should also be in contact with the tutor to get occasional reports on the student’s performance.

Improvement Takes Time

There is a section of parents and guardians that start their children on physics tuition when the exams are around the corner. The downside to this approach is that the tutor will hardly make a difference on the student. Improvement takes time and the O Levels physics tuition should start early before the onset of the exams period. This way, the tutor will be able to assess the student and craft a proper tuition program that will see the student excel in their O Levels physics exam.

Home Tutoring

There is a particular preference for O Levels physics tuition centres in Singapore and while they offer students a chance to be with their peers, it can be a breeding ground for bad habits. To avoid such a scenario, you can opt for home-based physics tuition. The advantage of this form of tutoring is in the fact that they can tutor the student in familiar surroundings that does not have the distractions common in tuition centres.

Physics Tuition Fees in Singapore

The fees you pay for a physics tutor largely depends on their qualifications. Experience also counts in the fees charged. For an undergraduate tutor, they charge between S$25 and S$80 an hour, graduates charge between S$30 to S$85 an hour, while an ex/current MOE teacher will charge between S$45 and S$100 an hour. You can always negotiate the fees, but that is only recommended with the tutors that come with a high recommendation. Obviously there are vastly different rates for O Levels tutors and A Levels tutors.

Consider the Following When Hiring A Tutor

Over the years, physics tuition has become a very competitive business in Singapore, and this has lured all manner of tutors. Most of them will help your child improve their physics performance, while others will hardly get the job done. Here are tips to consider before you hire a physics tutor in Singapore.

Professional Certification

There is a section of Singaporean parents and guardians who opt to engage high school graduates in their neighbourhood to offer physics tuition to their children.  They do this as a cost-saving measure, but it hardly improves the performance of the student. Always look for a tutor with professional certifications that qualifies them to be a physics teacher. The reason for this is that they have the proper knowledge and teaching techniques that will help a physics student sit for their exams with confidence.


Physics is one of the sciences that give students a hard time. This makes it necessary to hire an O Levels physics tuition professional that has demonstrated their level of knowledge in the subject. You can do this by evaluating their teaching techniques in helping the student understand the concepts. Above this, the tutor needs to identify the student’s problem areas and help them understand the many formulas, leave alone memorizing them for the exams.

Fun Yet Effective

Physics can be fun when tutored by the right person and most physics teachers in school are boring. This contributes to the student’s dismal performance. When hiring an O Level physics tutor for your child, evaluate their teaching styles and see if they have a fun and effective approach to teaching for younger children who can be temperamental and less patient. Such a tutor will help the student increase their confidence in the subject and thus improve their chances of performing better in the exams and careers.


Different physics tutors will offer varying services, but the bottom line is that they need to help your student improve their performance. However, you need to pair the student with the tutor several weeks or months before the physics exams since improvement takes time.