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No, it is not a waste of time. Imagine the tutor spending many hours preparing for a single lesson, creating the most concise notes, examples and selecting the best questions to guide students’ understanding as compared to students who are already struggling with the subject, trying to self-study from the whole load of notes.

What takes a normal student 5 hours to study can be completed by in an hour under the guidance of a good tutor. Many students join me because they want to “save time” for other subjects. Read testimonial of RJC student about how good teaching saves time.

In addition, Kungfu Physics provides even more than just teaching a concept. We provide a full range of teaching curriculum with extra practices, consolidation workshops, mindmap sessions, consultations etc to help students improve and succeed in the subject.

I have a total of 10 years of teaching experiences. Half the time, I was in Raffles Institution (Junior College and Secondary) teaching H2 Physics (A-Level). There is a year where I was asked to support the RI Secondary school IP at Sec 3 which I given 6 classes of Sec 3 immediately with almost 180 students while holding my role as an Assistant Department Head at the same time in JC. Therefore, I am very familiar with the challenges IP students have while in Secondary and JC, especially the preparation and bridging required when they progress to from one to the other.

The 2nd half of my teaching experience was in Catholic High Secondary School (CHS) as a Head of Department. In CHS, I taught Upper Sec O-Level Physics preparing students for the rigorous and challenging O-Level Physics. Subsequently I expand to teaching IP students when the IP programme started in 2013.

All in all, I have guided both IP and O-level students in their secondary school and JC years, preparing them ahead for JC and also bridging them into the JC curriculum.

All lessons are personally taught by myself who has 10 years of teaching experiences guiding students all the way from Secondary 1 to JC2 preparing them for each step confidently.

Many of you are not certain if the results published by tuition centres are totally accurate. I agree to that as there is little verification that one can do.

For my results, I would say it is a verified data. Why is that so? It is public knowledge that, Raffles JC has an average of 70% distinction in A-Levels Physics and Catholic High School has an average of 80% distinction in O-Level Physics for years. Both schools are Top Performing for Physics. As part of the school, my average can be clearly deduced to be the same, not to mention that I have gotten 2 classes of 100% distinction in A-Levels before.

I provide concise and quality notes crafted carefully to help students understand each concept in the shortest time and clearest way. Each set of notes, comes with selected questions to demonstrate how physics concepts are tested and problems are presented. I also have a 武林密集 (Secret Manual) which all my Kungfu Physics students hold tightly to as this booklet is what they will refer dearly to just before stepping into the exam hall. On top of that, there are many other supplementary notes to aid students’ learning.

Students are strongly discouraged to miss lessons as it will be difficult for them to catch up with the important concepts taught only during those lessons. Therefore missed lessons are still counted in the fees, however, students will be able to get full solutions from the lessons when they are back for the next lesson.

There are similar classes on other days within the same week. Therefore, students can opt to makeup their lessons on other slots provided there are vacancies in those slots. Many of my current students plan ahead for their makeup knowing that they will miss lessons due to CCA, camps etc and have managed to attend makeup lessons.

There are 3 locations which I conduct my classes, they are all near MRT stations, Bishan, Beauty World and Ang Mo Kio. Please refer to the schedule and contact us for more details.