Benefits of Having Tuition in Singapore

In many areas of our society, the system rewards people solely on talent and ability. The starting point of one’s career is mostly based on grades and paper qualifications. This means that the better your child’s grades and paper qualifications, the higher chance of a successful first career and that provides the springboard to their future careers.

For this reason, it is to your great advantage that you enrol your child in tuition. This will increase their chances of getting admitted into one of the top three universities and a head start in their career. In this article, we look at the benefits of tuition services in Singapore for your consideration.

Top 9 Benefits of Tuition Services in Singapore

A quick search on Google will reveal a multitude of tutors some offering 1-1 home tuition while others provide group tuition in centres. However, they all help your child improve their talents and abilities. Here are nine benefits of tuition services in Singapore.

Saves Time from Self-Studying

Do you remember how difficult it was concentrating during a self-study session after school or on the weekends? Your children are going through the same scenario but with more distractions from technology. Tuition services allow your child to focus on studying under supervision from a qualified tutor.
More so, they get to study with their peers, which in turn create a competitive environment. This saves them time from self-studying, and they tend to struggle less with difficult concepts.

Teachers in School Are Too Busy

Teachers in a school setting are bogged down with many duties on top of having many students to teach and finish the syllabus by the end of the academic year. This leaves little or no time for your child to ask questions and get detailed answers to difficult concepts.
Besides this, several studies show that students in a typical classroom setting tend to shy away from asking questions to avoid ridicule from their peers. However, a tutor has more time dedicated to their tutees, which makes it easy for your child to ask questions.

Tutors Can Identify Learning Problems That Teachers Miss

Since tuition centres have a controlled number of students per class, a tutor will be able to identify learning difficulties facing the children under their care. This attribute helps your child learn the concepts at their own pace.
Teachers, on the other hand, are more likely to miss learning problems facing your child. This is despite seeing a dismal performance as they have many task on hand. A full-time experienced tutor will be able to stay focus on your child’s needs and break down the concepts into small, understandable chunks of information for your child to process.

Help in Answering Examination Questions

One of the areas that tutors embark on is to draft question or use specially selected questions from past papers to help your child prepare for tests and examinations. This is something that teachers rarely do in school. They expect that since they have taught the concept in class, the child will be able to answer the questions correctly in a test.
A majority of the tutors have the expertise to deconstruct questions into several parts that allow your child understand how to formulate and phrase the correct answer. The student will not only learn what the question requires of them, but they also gain useful problem-solving skills that they can use in everyday situations.

Access to Simplified Notes

Many schools use textbooks and general materials provided by vendors which are meant for students from a huge range of abilities. Therefore, seldom are the materials enough to stretch the students, a necessary move for students to get a good grade or provide detailed enough explanation for them to understand. Specialised tutors on the other hand, usually craft their own notes which are concise and easy to understand aiming to help students understand and learn at the shortest possible time. They also provide carefully selected questions that spans a range of difficulties for students to practice. This makes learning easier for your child and also more enjoyable.

No Trouble over Missed Lessons

While tuition centres do not give refunds for missed lessons, your child can take make up lessons if they miss their classes. The beauty of our tuition centres is that we offer similar classes on different days of the week.
The student can set his/her schedule to make up for any missed lessons as long as there is a vacancy in the other classes. However, it is advisable that you ensure that your child religiously attends the lessons at the designated time.

Improved Confidence

If your child is struggling to understand concepts in class, they will suffer from low self-esteem which will affect their morale of studying and confidence in tackling problems. Besides this, teachers do not have the time to sit down with every student.
Tutors, on the other hand, can create time for your child to help them understand the concepts based on their unique character and level of understanding. This will help improve their learning capabilities and grades, which in turn, leads to improved confidence and morale to study more. Read students testimonials to know more about Kungfu Physics Tuition. 

Career Guidance

All school going children have a desire to enter into a particular career after school. However, it remains a pipe dream when they do not have a qualified person to direct them on how to achieve their goals. Most schools lack career counsellors, and you might not know what it takes to steer your child into their preferred career.
A tutor, having worked with several people over the years or may have goo working experience in the private sector, is best placed to guide your child into achieving their career goals. Tuition services also allow your child to interact with their peers and develop lifelong relationships. They might end up building a business or help each other get into and grow in their respective careers.


Tuition services in Singapore are essential for children of different ages; right from primary school to college and university. They help prepare your child by instilling the necessary skills to grow their talents and abilities.

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