Dear students and parents, Hi, I am Mr Gabriel Tan. I used to be a former Physics lecturer at Raffles Junior College (Raffles Institution) and Head of Department for Innovation at Catholic High School. Having taught 10 years of physics at O-Level, Integrated Programme (IP) and Junior Colleges, I have found my way using KFPJ to help students not only to understand physics concepts but apply them quickly in various contexts. “Mastering physics is like learning Kung Fu”. The Kung Fu Physics Journey (KFPJ) which I developed, maps out the stages which a student has to grow through in order to master physics well.

At Kung Fu Physics, we go beyond learning physics for exams. We aim to show students how physics is applicable for life. As an engineer and educator, coupled with management level experiences in MOE as a HOD and a Major (NS) in the Army, I am able to help students see the how physics can be applied to many fields of work, be it in sports, engineering, economics, medical equipment and even in leadership, management and cooking. Students are motivated and excited to see how the concepts apply to life and their future careers.

Mr Gabriel Tan

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Past Teaching Experiences

  • Head of Department, IP & O Level Physics Teacher – Catholic High School 
  • Assistant Department Head & JC Physics Lecturer – Raffles Institution (JC)
  • Assistant Department Head & IP Physics Teacher – Raffles Institution (Secondary)
  • ‘A’ Grade Teacher (Top 5%) at Raffles Institution in 2010

Other Experiences

  • SAF NSman of the Year 2010 
  • Best NSman Trainee in Armour Officer Advanced Course
  • Best NSman Trainee for Information Operations Course 
  • EDB – SMP Scholar for Micron Technology

Why Choose Kung Fu Physics?

Kung Fu Physics
  • Concise notes
  • <武林秘籍>
  • Questions from TOP School Prelim Papers
  • Strategies to score
  • Concepts Integrated across topics
  • Potential Pit-falls and Misconceptions Highlighted
  • Tips and Shortcuts revealed
  • Extra Papers for Self-Practice
  • A Level examiners’ thinking and comments
  • BONUS! What’sApp enquiries to Mr Tan (anytime, anywhere)
  • BONUS! Ad-hoc 1-1 lessons available (for discussion)

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