Physics Tuition Reviews and Testimonials from students and parents

Kungfu Physics Review by RI student, Sonakshi
Mr Tan has been an exceptional Physics tutor to me. He has an innate ability to break down complex Physics concepts into comprehensive, bite-sized pieces, and ensures that everyone is involved in the process of learning by actively engaging students.
Mr Tan not only teaches the Physics syllabus, but inspires a genuine love for the subject in us by showing us innovations and real-world applications which are made possible through the power of Physics. What I most appreciated about Mr Tan’s classes was that even though I had many questions to ask, he would take the time to thoroughly answer each of them and would even go the extra mile by staying back after class to address students’ individual concerns.
Mr Tan’s passion for Physics, dedication towards teaching, and concern for students shine through during class, and make lessons not just informative but also enjoyable.
Finally, his guidance does not end once students complete their exams. He has been very kind to offer advice on university applications, and the degrees we should consider based on our interests. I am sincerely grateful for Mr Tan’s support during my A Level journey and beyond!
Sonakshi, RI
Charmaine Lim, a student from RI, thanks Kungfu Physics and Mr. Tan for helping her improve her grade in Physics from a borderline D to an A in less than 6 months. She found Mr. Tan's lessons to be effective, fun, and engaging, and appreciated his approachability and dedication to helping her understand the subject
Review by student: had a positive experience with Kungfu Physics , finding him helpful in clarifying questions and providing extra exposure to questions, also praised for his positive attitude and patience.
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JC1 Promo success thanks to Kungfu's physics tutelage TJ217 Jareth Deans List 2 in physics
I have always liked Physics as a subject, and I was always inquisitive about it. However, I did not have a clear understanding of certain fundamental Physics concepts which led to me not being able to cope with more complex questions in JC.

Mr Tan has helped me very much with understanding Physics concepts. He explained them to me as many times as I needed in a simple and clear way such that I understood. The topical booklets he provides are also incredibly useful, with a good mix of key conceptual understandings and commonly asked questions.

I look forward to weekly lessons with Mr Tan as he teaches Physics in a fun and interesting way, helping us enjoy learning while efficiently understanding concepts and progressively becoming better at the subject.
Mehak, RI.

Mehak, RI
Before attending Mr Tan’s lessons at Kung Fu physics, I was very unclear of all the physics concepts tested and I used to do badly for physics. I was especially unclear of the year 3 topics tested for physics and I remembered scoring a borderline 60% for my end-of-year paper in year 3. Hence, physics was naturally my worst science and I also used to dislike the subject.

However, after attending Mr Tan’s lessons in year 4, my understanding of the various physics concepts improved tremendously due to Mr Tan’s detailed explanation during lessons. The notes and worksheets we did during lessons were very helpful in helping us apply the concepts we have just learnt hence improving our application skills, which I lack before. Mr Tan will always ensure that we understood the concepts and were able to grasp it well before moving on and I am very appreciative of that.

Gradually, my passion for physics grew throughout the year and I found myself being less reluctant to learn more regarding the subject. My application skills improved leaps and bounds and I found myself being able to apply concepts I previously found difficulty in.

Eventually, physics turned from my worst science subject to my best subject. Much to my surprise, I managed to obtain 87% for my final year 4 end-of-year paper. I could not have done it without Mr Tan’s help and I am tremendously grateful to him.

Overall, Mr Tan’s lessons have been very fulfilling and it definitely made a huge difference in my academic performance in physics. His detailed and precise explanations and answers to anyone’s questions have helped me in achieving outstanding results at the end of year 4.

Thank you, Mr Tan, for the constant guidance you have given me throughout the course of your lessons I’ve attended!!

Mei Jia, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School IP to Eunoia Junior College

Meijia, SNGS IP
Kungfu physics O Level Physics Tuition
I really enjoyed Mr Tan’s classes. He involves all students by posing questions to students, regularly ensuring everyone is up to pace. He also uses mindmaps and acronyms to help us overcome the monotony of memorising.

He makes Physics interesting, also delving into one or two areas in daily life where we can apply our current knowledge to tackle questions out of the norm. He also consults students on their weak areas and plans recap sessions to stabilise shaky concepts.

He is nurturing and caring and genuinely cares about his students’ life outside of physics lessons, inquiring if they can manage their stresses sufficiently.

As an ex-Catholic High HOD and RI teacher, he has a plethora of knowledge about what topics students find more difficult to grasp and makes use of his ‘treasure trove’ of worksheets and weekly mini-practice tests to alleviate them of their uncertainty.

Even till the last weeks before the O levels, he was rooting for us, providing time table sheets for us to plan our studying schedules. In the end, I was overjoyed to have achieved an A1 for O level physics and can attest that his teaching played a crucial role. I’m forever grateful.

Timothy, CHS, (Catholic High Secondary School)
Secondary school physics tutor
Before attending lessons at Kung Fu Physics, my physics grades were at the bottom of the class. Everyone i knew was at least scoring a C5, however it was not the case for me. I would always score an F9. I did not know how to improve, I barely knew my own strengths and weaknesses in physics.

However, Mr Tan was able to help me. He could easily point out what my strengths and weaknesses were. He takes the time to analyse our exam papers and point out what our weak spots were. Then he would specifically target our weak spots. Apart from that, Mr Tan also taught us many effective ways to study and learn physics. He also takes the time to link up all the concepts and formulas, that method really helped me a lot. I finally understood the concepts and started to see the same types of questions being asked during exams.

Within a few months spent with him, i started to see improvements in my physics results. Now that my O level results are out, I did not expect to see an A2 on my result slip. Without Mr Tan’s help, i honestly do not believe that my physics could improve from a F9 to an A2. Thank you Mr Tan.

YuEn, CHS, (Catholic High Secondary School)
O Level physics tutor
Attending Mr Tan’s tuition, it felt like I was entering another world. Physics used to feel like an annoying sibling that I wanted to cut ties with. Yet, through his tuition, I realised Physics was much more. Physics is used to solve so many world problems and bring convenience to our lives.
Attending his lessons, I could feel Mr Tan’s love for Physics and this also helped me develop a liking in Physics as well. His information-filled notes, armed with diagrams, have also helped me to grasp concepts easier, allowing my grade to jump from B4 to A2.
He has piqued a sense of curiosity in me, making me find out more about the world of Physics, such as string theory and quantum physics. Thanks Mr Tan, for opening up a whole new world and encouraging me to learn not just for academic excellence, but for life.
Megan, Peirce Sec
He is one of the few physics teacher that I’ve met that has bothered to take the time and the effort to clarify all of my doubts through innovative ways like relating different theories to real world concepts, bringing various toys and objects to class to allow us to see the effects of physics in real life, and even many memorable analogies and acronyms.

Mr Tan is a kind, yet strict teacher, who is very approachable and understanding. Without him, my physics grade wouldn’t experience such a big improvement.
Thanks Mr Tan!

Jinxuan, CHS (Catholic High School)
A Level physics tuition
Mr Tan has been a helpful and engaging teacher in class. Having joined Mr Tan class close to my block test, I wasn’t sure if he was able to help me much. However, in a short frame of time, he has managed to clear many misconceptions and concepts that I had trouble understanding in class. He is also extremely dedicated and patient, explaining concepts through whatsapp even though it is not during tuition, and even after tuition he was ever so cheerful in helping us clarify our doubts! I am glad to have met him before my A levels, as his coaching and guidance have definitely made me more prepared to face the A levels.
Don, SRJC (Serangoon Junior College)
Before I joined Kungfu Physics, I struggled to comprehend the various physics concepts taught in school and often found myself at a loss of what to do when I was faced with tough physics problems. However, under Mr Tan’s patient guidance, I was able to improve and gain more confidence in my problem-solving ability. Other than Mr. Tan’s clear explanations and demonstrations, one thing that I feel is unique to the Kungfu Physics experience would be the comprehensive notes that are personally crafted by Mr Tan, our experienced tutor. Not only do the notes refer to common question types relating to the different topics, hence rendering the application of the concepts to be much easier, they are also free of the excessive jargon that we often encounter in our lecture notes and the concepts can be easily ‘digested’ as a result. I would recommend Kungfu Physics to my friends and juniors, just on the basis of how wonderful the notes are.

Aside from the improvement in my physics results, I feel that one of my biggest takeaways from physics tuition would be how much I have learnt to appreciate physics due to the lessons that I have had with Mr Tan. He is extremely encouraging and understanding, and it is due to his constant encouragement that I begun to slowly comprehend the importance of physics in our society. Thank you so much Mr Tan!

Jiawen, RI (Raffles Institution)
Before joining Mr Tan’s Physic tuition classes, I was struggling with the physics concepts. Through his lessons, I was able to understand the concept better. We get to come across many challenging questions so that we can be more prepared for O levels.

Mr Tan is a caring and patient teacher, he ensures that none of his students is left behind. There are some lessons that I do not understand some questions and even if it is late at night, Mr Tan is still willing to stay back and go through with me. Thanks to Mr Tan, I managed to improved my grade and also develop an interest in physics. Thank you Mr Tan!

See Ying, (Holy Innocents Sec)
Mr Tan has been a very patient and caring physics tutor the past 2 years he has taught me at Kungfu Physics. At first, I was struggling to grasp the understanding of physics concepts in JC1, since my foundation in physics was weak. However, with Mr Tan’s patience and guidance and clarity in teaching, I was able to better understand physics concepts and this greatly helped me in improving my physics grades in JC2. Besides the clear summaries and explanations of physics topics, learning how to solve questions became easier too, with the constant drilling and practice Mr Tan gives us in class. The notes Mr Tan gives is comprehensive and covers all that is required in the A level syllabus and more, helping us learn more quickly and have a clearer understanding. Overall, Mr Tan’s carefully tailored physics tuition classes helped me have a better grasp of physics concepts and also allowed me to improve and excel at physics.
Lucas, HCI (Hwa Chong Institution)
JC A Level physics tuition
I remember by school teacher telling me “If you can suddenly jump from C and D to A, 早就 jump liao. Impossible one.” What was impossible became possible after I met Mr Tan. Mr. Tan is a fantastic tutor who has been really helpful to me. I was the rock bottom of my class, as described by my teacher and I was on the road to dropping to combined science and even did 10 years of combined science TYS but results has not shown any improvement! As a triple science student, it was definitely something I wanted to avoid.
However, after meeting Mr. Tan, I managed to get an A for my pure physics prelim and being one of the top in class, I was told not to drop and eventually I managed to clinch that A in ‘O’ levels as well. Without Mr. Tan being there to answer my queries and his clear and in-depth explanations, I would never have been able to start appreciating physics and achieve my A. Thank you Mr. Tan!
Zhengjie, Kranji Secondary
Prior to Mr Tan’s tutelage, I was struggling with many Physics concepts. Mr Tan was very patient. His teaching was not only clear and concise, he challenged me with further questions to train me for a vast array of questions in the exams, and went beyond the syllabus to widen my knowledge of physics. The biggest takeaway was that he helped me to love and understand Physics as a subject and a passion!
Andre, Victoria School
Mr Tan, A very big THANK YOU for your guidance in physics during this crucial year! My understanding, knowledge and passion towards this subject has certainly grew! It has really been a fun and fruitful journey during this period. Also the chats in JC choices, life or any random topics have also been very memorable! It seems so sudden that we have come to the last session. Nonetheless, I’m glad to have improved in physics.
Xinyi, Chung Cheng High Main
Kung fu physics group photo
Mr Gabriel Tan is a great teacher, and he is very caring. He always takes the effort to make sure we understand all we need to know and he would always explain clearly and patiently to us whenever we have any queries. He goes through topics and skills very thoroughly and we would have little problems comprehending his lessons. He is also very friendly teacher and he always had a connection with the class. He is also very loving and cares about our future. He would give insights on what we would experience both in JC and further. He would also share with us anecdotes to make sure we make the right choices in our lives. He also constantly encourages us to do better and has always believed in us. He is definitely one of the best and caring teachers I have ever had!
Benjamin, Catholic High School, 6 A1s
Hello Mr Tan ! Thank you so much for your patient guidance during every physics lesson! And thanks so much for letting my physics grade improve from a D7 to A2!! Really appreciate that. You’ve also made me come to like physics even better. :p It has been a very quick and enriching year with you as our physics tutor, and here, I wish you all the best for your future endeavours! J Thank you once again! I hope you don’t forget us! :p
Clarrise, Chung Cheng High Main
Kung fu physics student
Before Mr Tan took over as my physics tutor, I was struggling with the subject. I found the concepts confusing. I also had difficulties applying the right formulas to physics problems. In hindsight, it all stem from a lack of understanding of the basic principles.
Mr Tan’s arrival changed all that. He has immense intuition for his students’ thought processes. It’s a rare and exceptional skill, it means he was able to identify my confusion points, sometimes faster than I myself could identify them. He was able to clarify concepts in clear, straightforward language, something both my previous teacher and my (engineering) parents failed to do. With Mr. Tan, I never felt stupid or judged for asking questions, it’s a minor point but personally really mattered to me.
Anyhow, things turned out well for me. The As aside, I had a much happier and easier time with physics. I actually really liked it by the end of JC2. During A-levels prep, I could afford to spend less time on the subject and put the time into my other weaker subjects. So Mr Tan really helped me with not just physics but my overall grades.
Thank you Mr. Tan!!!
Rui Wang, RJC 2008, 5 A-level As, now software engineer in Seattle, USA
Wang Rui, RJC, Raffles Junior College
“I improved from an ‘E’ to ‘A’ after joining Kungfu Physics just after a few months!” Before joining the Physics class with Mr Tan I faced difficulties in understanding the key concepts within each topic and more importantly, how these concepts are used together with one another. It felt daunting to know that A levels were quickly approaching and I was still unable to adequately grasp the concepts in the topics taught.
Mr Tan’s lessons are interesting and engaging and everything taught was extremely relevant and helpful in tackling problems faced in school or in self-attempted practices.

Mr Tan is knowledgeable on the topics tested in the A levels and is able to provide real-life, applicable, easy-to-understand examples which helps a lot in the understanding of concepts such that they can be applied even when the questions are tweaked. Mr Tan is also very helpful in answering questions or clearing up misconceptions or doubts.

Amanda, Dunman High School
“I fumbled quite terribly initially scoring straight S and U but Mr Tan knew what had to be done! He explained each concept and answered each of my questions clearly with multiple perspectives. Soon I became so familiar with the content and wasn’t afraid during exams anymore! I’m am thankful for his guidance not only in the subject, but towards the A levels. With this, I was able to score an ‘A’ at A levels and feel a sense of confidence I never fathomed for the examinations. Mr tan! I got an A for Physics!
Ratana, Temasek Junior College
Before starting tuition with Mr Tan, I always have problem understanding the physics concepts covered in the syllabus. On the other hand I too had trouble solving physics problems. All these were gradually solved after going for Mr Tan’s tuition.
Mr Tan has a deep understanding of the physics syllabus and his method of teachings in delivering those concepts, especially the more abstract ones, allow me to understand them easily. At the start, he focused on my foundation/understanding of those concepts. This is key as he went on to build on these strong understanding with practice questions to reinforce those concepts. With these practice questions, he points out the common mistakes make by students and highlights the key points which are required by the questions. In identifying the key points, I was able to tackle physics problems better. He will also introduce interesting facts on how these concepts are applicable in the daily functions of life. Therefore, his lessons will never be too dry even when some topics do not allow it. Highly recommended if you are aiming to score an A or B for physics.
Sihao, Yishun Junior College
Parents Testimonial after super improvement in tuition
I used to like Physics since Year 1, but the subject became harder over the years. I struggled and took a very long time to understand concepts and therefore cannot study efficiently for my exams. By the time I actually understand the concepts, I don’t have the time left to practise questions to prepare for exams. Eventually, I lost motivation and gave up and scored only a D at the last exam which is Year 4 EOYs.

However, after starting lessons with Mr Tan when I started JC, I could understand concepts quicker than I did before. Mr Tan explains concepts very well and could break down explanations to allow us to understand simply. Apart from that, Mr Tan is very patient and answers all my questions even though I might feel like I’m asking stupid questions. Mr Tan also looks out for students very well, knowing our weaknesses but encouraging us to overcome them and giving good tips for on how to study well. Tuition lessons and practices are also very meticulously planned such that we will be prepared for our exams.

I got a D again in my JC1 Midyears, as I struggled to cope with JC life. But Mr Tan made sure we were prepared for Promos by providing lots of practices and clarifying any misconceptions about the previous topics that we may have had difficulty understanding due to the higher level I’m JC. I used to also have the problem of forgetting concepts that we’ve learnt before earlier in the year and struggle again when exams come. But eventually thanks to the effective revision, I managed to get a B in Promos.

Honestly, Mr Tan’s lessons are interesting as he helps us to easily understand concepts and well as see how what we are learning actually happens in real life. I’m very grateful to have Mr Tan who is such a patient and efficient teacher who knows best how to help us in Physics, and also help us find the joy in learning Physics.

Yenyi, VJC

Yenyi VJC
Kungfu physics JC Physics Tuition
Sam, RI (Raffles Institution)

Mr Tan’s Physics lessons gave me a reason to believe in myself. I’ve been to other tuition centres— all top-rated and well established, but I’ve never liked any of them. At the other places I attended, the teachers simply re-taught what was taught at school and piled us with tough questions. The teachers there overcomplicated concepts and did not bother to help students really understand the science. I have been to centres where the teachers openly shamed students for not getting the right answers, or where they simply did not care that the students couldn’t do physics.

But Mr Tan’s classes felt entirely different. The vibe in his classes felt like a safe haven for learning, where you could make mistakes and learn together. His approach is well-built. He explains concepts starting from a layman approach, and then builds in the physics formally. Mr Tan takes much effort in teaching physics and he knows how to pitch it to 17 and 18 year-olds. His uniqueness as a teacher is that he explains the concepts in manner that students understand, and connects concepts from previous chapters, allowing us students to synthesise the concepts much better. Thanks to his method of teaching, I was able to avoid many common misconceptions and all the conceptual doubts I had were cleared. What he teaches really makes sense, and sticks with you.

Mr Tan believes in the importance of practice and hence challenges his students with a wide range of questions in each topic. But he stands apart from many physics teachers because he understands the importance of how to practice. He begins with easy questions, then moderate and tougher ones later on. He challenges us students with a variety of questions hitting at the same formula from different perspectives, and always encouraged us to think outside of the box— a critical skill not many physics teachers train their students to develop. During lessons, Mr Tan also shared with us important examination and study tips that proved very useful.

Mr Tan has a personal touch with his style of teaching. He makes the effort to go the extra mile and have a personal connection with each of his students and ensures he does everything on his part to try and help them. He keeps his time after class free and is open for consultation sessions for every student, no matter how long they took. This really made a difference to each student. He believed in me even when I scored low and my teacher in school thought I couldn’t do physics. He gave me the confidence when I was extremely nervous and stressed before A-levels and if I do well, the success can only be attributed to Mr Tan and his classes.

Sam, RI (Raffles Institution)
我是你的学生尹靖元(RI JC2)的妈妈。

Parent of JingYuan, RI, (Raffles Institution)
IP physics tuition
Kungfu Physics is not merely a tuition center to me. It is a place where i explore and intensify my interest in Physics.

Mr Tan is an amazing teacher. Apart from breaking down complicated and tough concepts into simpler ideas to absorb, he also teaches us how to apply it to every question we have to tackle in the examination. I came in with much doubt that I can excel in Physics, but with Mr Tan’s constant encouragement and effort to entertain my midnight whatsapp questions, I managed to gain confidence for my physics exam.

Jialing, RI (Raffles Institution)
Before I entered Kung Fu Physics, my physics fundamentals were already solid but i was unable to apply and interpret questions. Through my time in Kung Fu Physics, Mr Tan exposed me to a wide variety of question types including questions that mixed multiple topics into one. At the same time he would slowly but surely explain the solutions sothat we understand them. He would also extend lessons or even stay behind after class for questions to ensure that each of us learns the scheme of work for that lesson. He equipped me with great summary notes which also boosted my confidence right before the A level paper itself.
YiXun, ACJC (Anglo Chinese Junior College)
” Mr Tan is an experienced and patient tutor. He breaks down physics concepts in a way that we are able to understand simply and utilises instruments to carry out demonstrations for us to visualise. He makes sure that we are able to comprehend the various concepts. He also stays back after class to answer all our queries as well as reply our questions via phone.

Mr Tan is also a very caring tutor. Beyond the academic aspects, he also provides us with knowledge and help regarding other aspects in life, e.g. NS, career prospects.

Physics lessons have been made enjoyable with Mr Tan and there is a lot to take away each time. Thank you Mr Tan! ”

RuoFan, HCI (Hwa Chong Institution)
JC physics tuition
Before I came to Mr Tan for help with my Physics, my school grades were suffering immensely. I was failing every test or exam with a U Grade and no matter how hard I tried, I was not improving. Mr Tan was able to identify my weak areas in Physics and point them out to me. Personally, I had a lack of time management skills and I did not know how to use formulas in the correct situations. Mr Tan however was also able to point out my strengths in the subject and helped me use them to solve my issues with Physics in an effective and rapid way.

Mr Tan has an amazing affinity for observing, pointing out and correcting a student’s shortcomings. This might be due to the very close relationship that he develops with us and how willing he is to provide us with help, not just during the lessons but after where he stays back to answer any questions that we might not have been able to ask during the lesson.

Because of Mr Tan I was able to see a massive increase in my understanding, and enjoyment for the subject. In the short time between July and the end of the year, I saw a great improvement in my grades where I was scoring As and Bs for tests and in my prelims. Without Mr Tans help I do not believe that I would have been able to make it through the year with Physics, Thank you Mr Tan.

Rodolfo, YJC (Yishun Junior College)
Physics tution Singapore
Mr Gabriel Tan is instrumental in the grasping and understanding of physics concepts. Before joining his class, i struggled to understand physics i viewed physics as a subject whereby topics were standalone and not intertwined in nature. As a result, i failed to comprehend questions that have incorporated multiple topics into them, and my grades suffered because of that.

However, after joining Mr Tan class, it almost seems as if he has unlocked the puzzle in my mind with a key. Concepts from other topics that seems foreign and totally unrelated to concepts that i learnt seamlessly integrated in perfect harmony with one another. As he highlighted possible misconceptions and the relation between different topics, i was able to understand the syllabus on a whole rather isolate concepts. I felt more confident when doing my school exam papers and his mini tests, which has definitely prepared me well for the A-levels!

Kudos to Mr Tan for guiding me through this arduous journey, and i recommend all who might feel weak in physics to come and approach him because he can definitely pull up your grades, Kung-Fu style!

Sheldon, NYJC (Nanyang Junior College)
I have never passed a single physics test in J1 and the highest I got was an S as I could not understand the concepts taught in school but everything changed after I started to attend Mr Tan’s lessons.
Mr Tan’s lessons are interesting and he makes the concepts easy to understand. I started to attend his lessons during the November/December holiday before the start of J2 and he managed to help me understand all the concepts taught in J1 within the 2 months!
He is always willing to stay back and answer your questions and he is always very patient with his students. Ever since he started teaching me, my grades have improved by a lot.
He is also very caring and is always concerned about our well being. It is very comforting to see a teacher who really cares about us even though we only see him once a week. Not only has Mr Tan helped me in achieving better grades, he has also fueled my passion for learning. Thank you Mr Tan!
Sean, RVHS (River Valley High School)
My 1.5 years with Kungfu Physics has been an enjoyable experience. Under Mr Tan’s constant guidance and support, I was able to improve from a D to an A grade.

Personally, I believe that Mr Tan’s 5 steps to mastering physics has been very effective for me. The process of learning the concepts, applying them, understanding the links between the various chapters and finally mastering them has enabled me to fuel my interest in physics. Through his meticulously planned lessons, Mr Tan teaches with clarity and is always there to answer our queries. Thank you Mr Tan, for being a supportive mentor to all of us!

Amanda, TJC (Temasek Junior College)
I joined Mr Tan’s physics tuition when I was in J2 and was struggling with Physics. After joining Kungfu physics, I felt that I gained a better understanding of physics that I never had before. He was very patient and understanding to all my misunderstandings about Physics and always ensured that at the end of the day, my doubts were answered. Slowly, I gained a stronger foothold over this subject and my understanding of the various key concepts were more solidified.

With Mr Tan’s past experiences and qualifications, I strongly recommend him to anyone struggling with Physics as he is able to make difficult concepts easy to digest. Thank you Mr Tan for making me more confident about Physics, and always being available to your students when they are in doubt!:)

Grace, TJC (Temasek Junior College)
Kung fu physics tuition class
Before joining Mr Tan’s class, i struggled to grasp concepts and I constantly wasn’t able to tackle the physics paper well enough and as a result attained lackluster scores. After joining Mr Tan’s class, he focused and ensured that students(like myself) were able to grasp the basics of every chapter. After which he would go on to make sure that we are well-exposed to all possible question types for every chapter. With such specific and well-designed lessons, I was able to grasp the important concepts and put them to use in the exams. Furthermore, Mr Tan is an extremely patient teacher, he would go the extra mile by analysing his student’s answers and provide important tips onto how a student could improve their answers. With that, the quality of my answers improved and thus my grades improved tremendously as well!
Thank you Mr Tan!
Willis, ACJC (Anglo-Chinese Junior College)
Mr Tan is such a great tutor! I was getting really bad Us all the way until J2 Mid Years, that’s when I contacted Mr Tan for help. We tailored a tuition schedule to my needs and he was able to guide me and teach me basically the entire 2 years’ worth of content in a way that I finally could understand! With his help in a short 3.5 months, I was able to get a B for my A level H2 Physics! Something I never imagined I would be able to do given I was always one of the bottom in my school! He taught me that nothing is impossible with enough effort and physics really isn’t too hard after all! 🙂
Valeria Barcelli , AJC, Anderson Junior College
Jc physics tuition student
“Initially my grades in physics fluctuated a lot, ranging from Es to Bs. With Mr Tan’s help, I managed to address my lack of additional, effective practice materials through the weekly mini booklets of revisions questions. They, in conjunction with the adequately paced lessons, allow for students to actively check and apply their theoretical understanding of an essentially application-based subject. It was also evident from day one that Mr Tan genuinely cares for all his students. His willingness to go the extra mile is exemplified with every prompt reply to any questions on WhatsApp, texts of encouragement, and when he stays back after lessons to patiently address any queries. Most of all, I am grateful for having a teacher that is able to provide both academic guidance and emotional support for his students in equal measure.”
Laura, HCI, Hwa Chong Institute
Mr Tan is a dedicated teacher who is always there to help his students. Whenever I had questions that I do not understand, he always patiently guide me through it, be it the easiest and most fundamental of all. He mostly stays back after tuition to help answer his students’ questions too, a quality not seen in many other tuition teachers. Many thanks to this helpful and dedicated teacher on my journey to A levels
Mr Tan is knowledgeable on the topics tested in the A levels and is able to provide real-life, applicable, easy-to-understand examples which helps a lot in the understanding of concepts such that they can be applied even when the questions are tweaked. Mr Tan is also very helpful in answering questions or clearing up misconceptions or doubts.
Zhuohan, AJC,
Before joining Mr Tan’s Physics class, I was struggling hard to understand and grasp Physics concepts and had gotten U. However, after joining Mr Tan, I was able to understand the concepts better and more efficiently. I improved from U to B! Thanks to Mr Tan’s guidance and patience!
Mr Tan would give out handouts during classes which contained questions related to the topic taught, and theses question helped to facilitate my understanding of the topic. Furthermore, the questions started off simple and got increasingly more difficult along the handouts. This greatly helped with my coping of the topic and it greatly boosted my confidence and helped me to learn how to tackle and solve similar questions during my test.

Mr Tan would also always give out a summary of the important points and formulae for every topic. This was particularly useful during revision as it helped to consolidate what I needed to know for each and every topic. Furthermore, it also complimented my notes from school lectures, and helped to affirm my understanding of the topic.

In addition, Mr Tan would ensure that he always gave us a balanced practice between MCQs and open-ended questions, allowing for us to become more proficient in all three papers, while ensuring that lessons never ever become too boring or draggy. I also recall how he would bring in some everyday objects to demonstrate how some physics concepts worked, and by doing so, it really helped us to understand the topic deeper.

Mr Tan has not only been a wonderful and patient teacher, but his passion for teaching has also helped me to grow in my passion for learning as well. Thank you Mr Tan!

Ernest, RJC