Sec 3 Physics Tuition (O Level & IP Physics)

“Sec 3 IP Physics” refers to the Physics curriculum taught at the Secondary 3 level in Singapore’s Integrated Programme (IP). The Integrated Programme is an educational pathway that allows students to bypass the GCE O-Level examinations and proceed directly to the GCE A-Level examinations, usually for six years.

Sec 3 is when students are exposed to the real standard required at O levels or IP Year 4. This is familiar and similar to Primary School, where the jump from lower primary to primary 5 is huge as the school will start to give students the real PSLE type of questions, which are much higher standards than lower primary. Lower secondary to Sec 3 is of the same situation.

In the context of “Sec 3 IP Physics,” the term “Sec 3” refers to the third year of secondary education, typically corresponding to students’ age of around 15 years. “IP Physics” stands for Integrated Programme Physics, a subject within the IP curriculum. This curriculum typically includes a more advanced and in-depth study of physics concepts compared to the regular secondary school curriculum.

The Sec 3 IP Physics curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental physics principles and theories. Topics covered may include mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves, light, and other relevant areas of physics. Students at this level are expected to have a solid foundation in mathematics and basic scientific concepts, which allows them to explore physics topics in greater depth.

Prior to Sec 3, students only learn about physical science such as heat, motion, magnetism and simple electricity. In lower secondary, they may learn

  • Light
  • Simple Electricity
  • Measurements
  • Heat
  • etc.

However in Sec 3 and Sec 4 Physics, including the Sec 3 IP Physics, they are introduced to more complex and detailed Sec 3 IP Physics topics such as:

  • Dynamics
  • Kinetic Model
  • Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Turning Effects of Forces
  • Kinetic Model of Matter
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Static Electricity
  • Sound

These new topics involve huge conceptual jump from their previous PSLE and Lower Secondary science.

Making things ‘worse’ is that the mathematical requirements of Physics at this level is also much higher and their Sec 3 math might not have covered the required areas.

One of the main challenges that students face at this stage is mastering the mathematical concepts and formulas. They are required to remember the formulas and apply them correctly when solving questions. Concisely, the mathematical requirements of Sec 3 IP Physics are much higher and more involving.

As parents and teachers, we know that learning also requires motivation. If students are already demoralised at the start, failing Physics the first time in their life, it is very difficult for them to find joy and motivation to continue, noting that at this age of 14, their ability to handle such situations are still amateurish.

For IP students, the penalty is even higher as their performance over the years are accumulated and the total GPA or MSG will determine if they are selected for leadership roles, special programmes, overseas trips or even scholarships.

It is a pity that many students are afraid of Physics through this experience and decided not to take Physics which affected their choice of careers. In USA, Physics is considered the fundamental science rather than Chemistry or Biology. Physics concepts are more often required in work and daily life than the other 2 sciences. Be it in workplace design, systems concepts across departments, computing, production, banking systems flow, sports or even management skills, there are more Physics concepts at work than chemistry and biology.

Sec 3 Physics Tuition at Kung Fu Physics

Excellent Learning Environment

IP Physics is not one of the easiest subjects in Sec 3. Students are required to attend the lessons and concentrate fully on grasping everything that is taught in class. Kung Fu Physics provides the best learning environment, and this is reflected in the final results of the students who take the tuition lessons.

Proprietary Curriculum

We have developed a proprietary curriculum that gives every student an added advantage as they prepare for the final exam. We have a series of handwritten notes on every topic as well as a secret manual that is tailored to help the students revise for exams better.

Regular Assessments

In a bid to gauge students understanding of the topics taught in the tuition classes, we regular administer mini-tests to know which areas we need to focus on more. Our primary goal is to provide custom IP tuition service that is in line with the needs of every student. After assessment tests, we discuss the questions in class to further help the students understand how they should answer the questions in the final exam.

Interactive Learning Processes

IP Physics involves a lot of theory and calculations that entail the application of formulas. These two aspects usually give students the wrong perspective about the subject and this results in poor performance. Kung Fu Physics is committed to changing this by using interactive learning processes.

Over the years, these interactive learning processes have helped give students completely new perspective about physics and this, in turn, helps them score high marks in the exams.

Kung Fu Physics is committed and determined to help students understand the various IP physics concepts and pass well in the final exams. As testified by many students past and present, Gabriel Tan is very patient and understanding; he takes time to explain the topics to the students using the most straightforward descriptions and experiments. This strategy greatly helps the students to grasp the topics faster and better.

Gabriel Tan Credentials – Pro Sec 3 IP Physics Tutor in Singapore

  1. Taught at Junior Colleges, O-Level, and Integrated Programme for 10 years
  2. Worked at Raffles Junior College as a Physics Lecturer
  3. Catholic High School Former Head of Department of Innovation


Gabriel is highly effective in communicating and transferring of knowledge in the subject to the student. My daughter has benefited from his programme. Highly recommended.”

“Great teacher who cares for his student and provides a great environment for learning and makes it an enjoyable process”

“I like how it is a small, concentrated class. There is sufficient attention on each student so that both Mr. Tan will know of mistakes to clarify and for students to understand misconceptions”

“Best resources and a dedicated teacher who is a master of his content. Very cosy classroom with snacks too!”

Here are Kungfu Physics we have designed proprietary curriculum to give students an advantage to cope with Physics at this level and help them with their O Level and Sec 3 IP Physics preparations. For enquiries and registration we welcome you to call/Whatsapp 96533573 or email us at