Is Physics Tuition Necessary in Singapore

Physics is a subject that requires guidance from an expert to do well, whether a student is sitting for their O Level, A Level, IB, or IP physics exams. There are many areas of the content which expects students to know the meaning of certain words even before they attempt solving the questions. Quite a number of these words are not clearly explained to students in their school notes or even textbooks. Therefore, students who are very intelligent can also do poorly for Physics.

On top of that, there are many required keywords that students need to include in their answers or steps of working that must be shown before marks are awarded. (similar to the PSLE Science or Primary School Science) All these requirements by the exam need a very experienced and good teacher to guide students and prepare them. This is apparent by the fact that many smart students who used to perform badly for Physics were able to achieve ‘As’ after joining a good Physics Tuition.

On the other hand, there are also students who are ‘A’ students but choose to join a Physics Tuition in Singapore. Mainly because these are usually high achievers who have a busy schedule packed with CCA, projects, internships, service learning etc. Therefore they have limited time for revision. Joining a tuition helps them to save a lot of time. A good Physics tuitioncompacts a lot of concepts and with selection of good questions to help students learn at the fastest possible pace. Hence, what it takes a student normally 6hrs of self-study can be completed in a good 2hr Physics Tuition. Not all high achievers use this method, but it is a ‘secret’ method used by quite a number.

It is well known that our Singapore government pays and encourages our civil servants to go for 100hrs of training annually to improve themselves, instead of asking them to self-learn from books or online courses. One main reason is the sheer amount of time required for self-learn and self-learn is definitely not as effective as learning from an expert. Similarly our MOE mainly recognises their teachers’ training by the courses they attended, instead of the books or online articles that teachers read. In the private sector, training and development is highly valued as well. Good courses attended by many key personnel or business owners, easily $3000 for just a 3 day course. Why not learn by reading a book? Because, all wanted to learn from the best and in the shortest possible time. Therefore, why not have the same for our teens and focus on freeing up time for other growth areas.

So, is Physics Tuition necessary? Yes. Why allow your child to waste half a year or a year struggling before realising the benefit of being guided by a good tutor. I am not saying that struggling and trying is not good for students. It is definitely good, because they learn and grow a lot through the process. However, why struggle on the low level stuff when students should be struggling to solve higher-order questions, real-life challenging and complex scenarios?


Benefits of O Level Physics Tuition

There is a multitude of benefits that make O Level physics tuition. However, the benefits can only be achieved when you engaged a proper physics tutor.

A Better Understanding of The Subject

There is a rising problem among O Level physics students where they only study to pass exams. This has been reiterated by employers who hire graduates with high grades only for them to have difficulties in applying the principles learnt in school. Physics tuition will help a student get a better understanding of the Physics principles that will come in handy when they enter the job market.

High Confidence When Seating for Exams

O Level physics exams can be intimidating; the student could be prepared for the exams, but still fail to meet the desired grade. The reason for this could be diminished confidence. Giving a student extra O Level physics tuition will increase their confidence in tackling exams. More so, the tutor will provide the students with motivational tips when it comes to seating their physics exam.

Reduced Doubts

In a typical classroom setting, a student might feel shy from asking questions. However, when they are with a tutor, they can ask all the questions that come to mind, and this increases their understanding of the subject as well as their love for the subject. This resolves all their doubts as to whether they are meant to excel in the subject.

Brighter Future

Tutors not only help students in learning, but they also provide a deeper knowledge of the available career options. An experienced physics tutor in Singapore will help a student pass their O Level Physics examsas well as in choosing the appropriate career. Tutors have the responsibility to help in moulding the student towards choosing an adequate career and they will help them get the best grades to attain their dreams.

Physics Tuition Options

There are many ways that a parent or guardian can provide physics tuition to their children. Here are the popular avenues for physics tuition in Singapore.

Tuition Centres

Many tutors operate from tuition centres where students can go for extra physics classes. They have different schedules, but most offer after school and weekend tuition classes. This is an excellent opportunity for the student to interact with their peers where they can help each other learn physics’ principles and theory. Besides this, the student gets to be part of a study group which not only helps them pass their exams, but it increases their interpersonal skills.

Online Tuition

This type of physics tuitionhas caught up over the years, and it is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for parents and students alike. Most tutors upload videos on their websites or YouTube, and the student can follow them at a time of their convenience. Others, however, offer live and interactive tuition via social media posts such as Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and more.

At Home Tuition

Home tuition is increasingly becoming popular as the O Level physics tutormakes home visits and tutors the student in their comfort area. More so, parents can assess the teaching techniques of the tutor and encourage the student to cooperate. It also reduces time wastage and the tutor can cover more ground with the student.

Qualities of A Good Physics Tutor

With the right tutor, your child could excel in their physics exams, and it will be worth paying the tuition fees. However, some tutors offering physics tuition in Bt Timah and Bishan do not meet the standards, and thus you will be wasting money. This can be said for a majority of the tutors offering online based physics tuition in Bishan and Bt Timah since it is difficult to ascertain their credentials.

Focus on The Student’s Needs

Most physics teacherssteamroll the syllabus, which is a common teaching technique in most schools. The problem is that some of the average and slow students are left behind. Teachers will hardly have the time to focus on the needs of every child in their classroom. Take your time to find the tutor who will focus and address the needs of the child. This helps them to create a study program that will resonate with the needs of your child. Always be on the look out for this quality in the first few sessions.

Provides Motivation

Physics is a broad subject, and most students cannot wait to get rid of it. The physics tutor must be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student and motivate them to take interest in the subject. Also, the tutor should break down the concepts into easy to understand and remember concepts that will motivate the student.

Level of Dedication

Singapore does not have a shortage of experienced physics tutors; however, it takes more than experience to get a student to improve their grades. The perfect tutor is one who is dedicated to ensuring that their students grasp and learn the theories and principles of the subject. One of the ways to gauge a tutor’s level of dedication is in how they demonstrate the theories since they are mostly applicable in real life. They should also know how to connect with each student and offer the necessary support.


The answer to whether physics tuition is necessary in Singapore solely depends on the performance of the student in the subject. It is particularly essential for students who are performing averagely. Lack of tuition could leave them with limited career choices and disadvantaged in life since most of the principles in physics are applicable in everyday life.

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