JC Physics Tuition (A-Level & H2 Physics)

JC Physics is one of the subjects that empower you with skills that you can apply after school to come up with products. Just like other science subjects, a lot of time and dedication is required to master the concepts and pass well in the exams.

Kung Fu Physics is determined to help you perform well by scheduling a series of JC Physics tuition lessons during the week. I will use my experience as an engineer and educator to not only help you understand the various A-level physics concepts but also help you change your overall perspective of this subject.

A Level Physics Tuition

A level physics tuition refers to supplementary educational classes or programs designed to help students excel in their physics studies at the Advanced Level (A Level) of their education. A Levels are typically taken by students in their final two years of pre-university education, and they are an essential qualification for university admissions.

At Kungfu Physics, our A-level physics tuition provides strategies for tackling exam questions, time management tips, and guidance on how to structure answers to maximize marks. These classes are conducted by Mr Gabriel Tan, who is well-versed in the A Level curriculum and the requirements of the examination board.

What is the Syllabus for Junior Level Physics Syllabus in Singapore

Students studying junior college level physics are introduced to a broad spectrum of topics that takes a more in-depth look into the field of physics. Unlike O level physics, JC physics syllabus has two groups namely H1 Physics and H2 Physics. The primary objective is to give students an in-depth and better understanding of the natural science of physics.

H2 physics is more advanced and detailed than H1, and so students study more topics than H1 physics. Here is a brief overview of the topics covered in each category.

JC H1 Physics Syllabus

  • Measurement
  • Newtonian Mechanics
  • Waves
  • Modern Physics
  • Electricity and Magnetism

JC H2 Physics Syllabus

  • Newtonian Mechanics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Oscillation and Waves
  • Modern Physics
  • Measurement
  • Electricity and Magnetism

It is also important to note that each syllabus has its own scheme of assessment.

JC H1 Physics Assessment Exam

  • Paper 1: This paper has thirty multiple-choice questions that you are required to complete in one hour. This paper contributes 33% of the overall grade
  • Paper 2: This paper has three structured questions, and each question is worth 20 marks. The questions are meant to gauge your ability to integrate the knowledge and comprehension of this subject. You will be given 2 hours to complete, and it contributes 67% of the overall grade

JC H2 Physics Assessment Exam

  • Paper 1: This comprises of 30 multiple-choice questions. Your total score in this paper will contribute 15% of the overall grade
  • Paper 2: This paper has structured questions that will assess your understanding of all the topics in the JC physics syllabus. You will be given two hours to complete it, and your score will contribute 30% to the overall grade
  • Paper 3: This paper has longer structured questions that involve the integration of topics taught in class. The duration of this paper is 2 hours, and it contributes 35% to the final grade.
  • Paper 4: This is a practical assessment that is tailored to test skills such as observation, planning, manipulation, measurement, presentation of data, evaluation, and analysis. You will be given two hours and thirty minutes to complete it, and it contributes 20% to the final grade.

Why is H2 Physics Tuition Important?

Many students find H2 Physics as a challenging and complex subject. It requires a deep understanding of theories and to be able to apply them to real-world scenarios. Moreover, H2 Physics is is extensive, from mechanics to electricity and magnetism, modern and quantum physics. With so much to learn and understand, it’s no wonder that many students get poor grades.

Enrolling in Kungfu Physics’ H2 Physics Tuition offers a solution to these challenges. Our experienced educators are dedicated to bridging the gap between classroom teaching and individual learning needs. With a unique curriculum rooted in research-proven methodologies, our JC tuition programme empowers students to unravel the complexities of H2 Physics in a supportive and engaging environment.

At our H2 physics tuition, we understand that success is not one-size-fits-all. Our friendly and professional instructors take the time to address each student’s questions, filling knowledge gaps and fostering a solid conceptual foundation. This personalised approach ensures that every student is included and every question finds its answer. With our guidance, students not only master the subject matter but also develop the analytical and problem-solving skills crucial for excelling in H2 Physics.

What Would You Expect From Kung Fu JC Physics Tuition

Favourable Learning Environment to Study H2 Physics

Kung Fu Physics centre offers JC & H2 physics tuition services conveniently located near MRT stations in Bt Timah and Bishan. We have plenty of space in each class and modern equipment that help students to put into practice the skills taught in class, such as taking measurement. Students also get an opportunity to interact with the tutor and also discuss the topics taught in class with other students.

H2 Physics Tuition Offering Interactive and Holistic Learning Approach

One of the main factors that give our JC Physics tuition an upper hand is the fact that I use an interactive and holistic learning approach to teach the various topics to students. This methodology ensures that every student understands the concepts fully before we proceed to the next level.

The Kung Fu Physics Journey for JC Physics maps out every stage and action that the student needs to take to master the whole subject and pass well. Our focus is not just to help students pass exams, but empower them with physics skills that they can use later in life to create innovative products. The KFPJ was developed by applying my expertise as a physics educator, engineer, and Kung Fu expert.

I will also give you additional notes that contain valuable information on every topic discussed as well as a series of Secret Manual that is specifically tailored to help you revise for the upcoming exams well. The practical sessions will also enhance your ability to complete tasks such as experiments quickly and accurately through timed tests.

Properly Structured JC Physics Tuition

The Kung Fu Physics Journey has a structured JC physics tuition plan that ensures that each topic in the syllabus is comprehensively covered. At the end of each item, we administer questions to test the students understanding. This assessment helps to ensure that no student is left behind.

Our H2 physics tuition methodology is designed to help students understand the importance and application of physics concepts in fields such as engineering, economics, medical equipment and many other facets of life.

Profile of Mr Gabriel Tan- The Leading JC Physics Tutor in Singapore

  • Ten years-experience teaching physics at O-Level, Junior Colleges, and Integrated Programme (IP)
  • Former Physics Lecturer at Raffles Junior College
  • Former Head of Department of Innovation at Catholic High School


A competent teacher who gives his best when teaching. Great environment to learn in with snacks provided. East to get to because of downtown line and many bus options” – Tan Rachel

Mr Tan is an extremely patient and engaging teacher. He promptly clarifies any doubts you may have and actively engages all students in his lessons” – Nicholas Bryan Chia

My Tan is a great teacher! He is approachable and never fails to clarify any doubts we have. Learning physics has become much easier with his guidance!” – Xinyi

Best resources and a dedicated teacher who is a master of his content. Very cosy classroom with snacks too!” – Cher Zheng Jie

Mr Tan is a thoughtful Physics tutor who never fails to clear any doubts I have about physics! Note given are extremely helpful and clear also!” – Sebastian Goh

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