Best Physics Tuition in Singapore by Award Winning, ex-RJC, MOE HOD

Former Raffles JC Lecturer & Assistant Department Head

Former Head of Department in Catholic High Secondary

3 x MOE Outstanding Contribution Awards

Taught in MOE Schools for 

O-level Physics  ·  IP Physics  ·  A-level Physics

Why Choose Our Physics Tuition Centre?

👨‍🏫 Taught Personally by Top Physics Tutor

🥇 ‘A’ graded ex-RJC teacher

😁 Students enjoy learning Physics

🤺 Learn Life Applications and Score A*

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O Level Physics Tuition
O Level Physics Tuition
JC Physics Tuition
Physics tuition Bukit Timah
Physics tuition class
Physics tuition
🏆 Sec 4 Physics Results 🏆

Raffles Institution IP 87%

HwaChong 82% (2nd highest in class)

St Nicholas IP 79%

Raffles Institution IP 76%

Raffles Institution IP 76%

HwaChong 71%

St Nicholas IP 71%

Catholic High IP 71%


🏆 Sec 3 Physics Results 🏆
Raffles Girls 86%

Raffles Girls 85%

Catholic High IP 85%

Raffles Institution IP 82% Dunman High IP 81%

Raffles Institution IP 72%

Catholic High IP 71%

Catholic High IP 70%

Commonwealth 84% (2nd highest in class)

KentRidge 78% (highest in class)

HaiSing 88% (top few in class)

Paya Lebar Methodist 73%

Catholic High OL 72%

School of Science and Tech 72%

Eastspring 72%

Cedar Girls 70%  

A Level Physics Tuition
A Level Physics Tuition Reviews
A Level Physics Tuition Parent Reviews
A Level Physics Tuition Student Reviews

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Hey Sec 1 and Sec 2 Parents!

Want your child to not only ace Physics now but also set them up for success in the future? Kungfu Physics has the perfect solution! By enrolling your child in our Sec 3 and Sec 4 Physics classes now, they won’t just get ahead—they’ll leap ahead.

Here’s Why It’s a Game-Changer:

  • Advanced Learning: Your child learns an advanced version of Sec 1 and Sec 2 Physics, ensuring they score top marks.
  • Future-Proof: By the time they’re in Sec 3 and 4, they’ll have already covered the curriculum. This means they can dedicate more time to other subjects, easing their overall workload.
  • A Head Start: Our program is designed to give your child an unbeatable edge, fostering a deeper understanding and passion for Physics that lasts a lifetime.

Join Kungfu Physics Today Give your child the gift of confidence and excellence in Physics. With Kungfu Physics, they’re not just learning; they’re preparing to excel in their future academic journey. Reach out to us today and let’s embark on this exciting educational adventure together!

2024 Sec 3  Location Remarks
Mon 5:15pm – 7:15pm  (Choose Onsite OR Zoom) Bishan  Class ongoing
Sat  9:00am-11:00am   (Choose Onsite OR Zoom) Bishan  Class ongoing
2024 Sec 4  Location Remarks
Tue 5:15pm – 7:15pm (Choose Onsite OR Zoom) Bishan Filling fast
Sat 11:15am-1:15pm (Choose Onsite OR Zoom)  Bishan Filling fast
2024 JC1 Location Remarks
Mon 7:30pm-9:30pm (Choose Onsite OR Zoom) Bishan starting Feb
Wed 5:00pm – 7:00pm (Choose Onsite OR Zoom) Bishan starting Feb
Sat 3:00pm-5:00pm (Choose Onsite OR Zoom) Bishan starting Feb
2024 JC2  Location Remarks
Tue 7:30pm-9:30pm (Choose Onsite OR Zoom) Bishan Filling fast
Wed 12:30pm-2:30pm ((Choose Onsite OR Zoom) Bishan class ongoing
Sat 5:20pm-7:20pm (Choose Onsite OR Zoom) Bishan Filling fast

Get The Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Kungfu Physics is Singapore’s premium Physics Tuition Centre providing IP Physics tuition, O Level Physics Tuition, and JC Physics Tuition. Our centre offers both in-person and online Zoom Physics Tuition, both of which receive positive feedback from students as the best compared to other online tuitions they have taken for other subjects.

We have designed a unique curriculum and program that incorporates research-proven methods and ‘secrets’ of top performing students in O-Level, IP, and JC. Our aim is to provide students with a strong conceptual foundation, knowledge, and skills required to excel in their exams and inspire them to see the world in a new light.

In Kungfu Physics, all lessons, starting from Sec 3 Physics Tuition to JC level Physics Tuition, are conducted by our founder Mr Gabriel Tan, who has taught in Raffles JC (Raffles Institution) in both the JC and IP Secondary level as well as Catholic High Secondary School for O-Level and IP Physics track. Equipped with his teaching experience in neighbourhood schools and top JC, Mr Tan is skilful and able to help students from all walks of life achieve excellent results in their respective examinations. Although our physical and online Physics tuition classes are held in group tuition settings, students get individual attention from Mr. Tan (See testimonials) when he questions and answers queries during and after classes. With this, you can often see our students graduating with motivation and excitement about Physics as they understand how science could improve and better peoples’ lives. Not only that, through the O Level and A Level Physics Tuition classes, students build new friendships across different schools, and benefit from sharing their materials and learning together. Kungfu Physics tuition centre in Bishan are conveniently located next to Bishan MRT with sheltered walkway linking from MRT stations to the centres. Contact us now as the pace of curriculum is fast. The longer you ponder, the more you missed your chance to get a distinction! See Class Schedule.   Or FAQs to find out more. 

Physics Tuition O Level Physics Tuition
O Level Physics Tuition
O Level Physics Tuition
JC Physics Tuition

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Physics Tuition Review
Physics Tuition Singapore Review
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Our Physics Tuition’s Philosophy

At Kung Fu Physics, our Physics tuition classes go beyond the textbooks and studying just for exams. We aim to show students how they can apply Physics in their lives. We help students see the how physics can be applied to many fields of work, be it in sports, engineering, economics, medical equipment and even in leadership, management and cooking. We are glad to see that after enrolling in our physical and online Physics tuition classes, students are motivated and excited to see how the concepts they have learned apply to life and their future careers. Enroll in our Physics tuition classes today! We provide online Physics tuition too.

Best Physics Tuition in Singapore 

With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to nurturing students’ academic growth, Kungfu Physics has earned its place as the best physics tuition centre in the country. Offering a comprehensive range of programs, including IP Physics tuition, O Level Physics Tuition, and JC Physics Tuition, Kungfu Physics goes above and beyond to provide students with an unparalleled learning experience.

One key factor that sets our physics tuition centre apart is our experienced and highly qualified instructors, led by our founder Mr Gabriel Tan. With years of teaching experience in both IP and JC levels, Mr Tan is skilled in helping students from all backgrounds and abilities. Our lessons are aligned with the Singaporean curriculum, and we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education and resources.

Our students benefit from personalised attention and support, and we are proud to say that many of them have gone on to achieve excellent results in their physics exams.

Bishan (Kungfu Physics)

1min from Bishan MRT/Interchange, sheltered walkway!
Blk 503 Bishan Street 11 #01-456
Singapore 570503
(near S11 Coffee Shop & junction of Raffles Institution)
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For enquiries and registration, call/email at 

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KungFu Physics Journey (KFPJ)

I strongly believe that ‘Mastering Physics is like learning Kung Fu’. The Kung Fu Physics Journey (KFPJ) which I have developed maps out the stages which a student has to grow through in order to master physics well.



Master Level Physics - Online Tuition Singapore

5 Stages of Mastering Physics

Mouseover Each Stages to Learn More!
Foundation of Physics - Online Tuition Singapore

1. Foundation

1. Foundation

Units, Significant figures, Graphical analysis, Area under graph, Vector manipulation and graphs, Vector equations, Free body diagram, Case comparison etc
Fundamentals of Physics - Online Tuition Singapore

2. Basic Strokes

2. Basic Strokes

Definitions, Concepts by topics, How to use formulae, Basic problem solving, Common questions etc.
Basic Physics - Online Tuition Singapore

3. Basic Kung Fu

(Within Topic Applications)

3. Basic Kung Fu

Accurate identification of concepts, Application of formula, Speedy Problem solving, Answering Qualitative questions, Evaluating answers etc.
Advanced Physics - Online Tuition Singapore

4. Advanced Kung Fu

(Cross Topics Applications)

4. Advanced Kung Fu

Accurate identification of concepts across topics, Fusing formulae and concepts, Complex problem solving, Advanced qualitative questions etc
Master Level Physics - Online Tuition Singapore

5. Master Level

(Physics For Life)

5. Master Level

Interdisciplinary Concepts, Physics in Life, Sports, Economics, Retail, Automobile, Medical Applications, Cooking, Business, Leadership, Management etc