Especially For Parents with Teenagers!

Discover How So Many Students Changed and Like Physics and Starting Doing Well in Physics in Just a Few Months Under Mr Gabriel Tan

           Your Child Can Do It Too! … With The Right GuidanceTraining

Look at our Recent Achievements!!!

  • From Not-Interested Sec 3 Student to ………..Top in Physics and Excited about Physics
  • From Struggling-Confused Student to …………one of the Top in Physics in the recent JC1 Promo Exams

Is Your Child Constantly Struggling and Frustrated…….

1) Don’t know where to start? “Should my child work on Ten-Year-Series or assessment books bought from Popular?” Why aren’t any of the good schools using those books?

2) Your child can do TYS questions but still fail his/her exams? 
“Are the answers provided by authors correct?”, “Why aren’t the top schools using TYS to train their students?”

3) Your child’s answers always unable to get full marks? “Does your child have no idea what is missing in his/her answer?” “Why are do teachers make this or that assumption when solving?”   Your child practised these questions time and time, but he/ she can’t seem to perform during examinations. You know that your child is not stupid, and in fact, he/ she might even be very diligent. So what exactly went wrong? Isn’t this upsetting? And I know how it feels. I’ve been a student for more than half of my life and I share the same frustrations as your child. I remember my time when I was so lost and confused while trying to study in my teens. It was a harrowing experience! I wasn’t taught how to approach structured questions, what does some words mean in Physics etc. As a result, I tend to spend a lot of time writing long answers unnecessarily!

“Thank you so much Mr Tan for teaching my son! I still remember how his eyes brightened up so much after the first lesson with you. He finally understands the concepts and how he could approach them. He is now keen to get as high a score. Thanks for guiding & inspiring him. He has greatly benefitted from Kungfu Physics lessons. We will certainly highly recommend you all if we meet others in need of help in Phsysics. Greatly appreciate it!” – Ms. Chew, Top School Parent

This is the One and Only Chance to catch up Sec3/JC1 before embarking into the challenging Sec4/JC2 year.

Your child doesn’t have time to trial and error.

He/she got lots to accomplish next year and needs to have a strong foundation.  

Join Us, At Our Sec 4 BOOSTER and JC1 POWER-UP Class This Nov/Dec

Even For High Scorers Like Ally from SCGS IP. It has be beneficial.

Join the many students who have benefitted from Kungfu Physics!

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