Top Physics Tuition by Former Raffles JC Lecturer

prepared by Kungfu Physics, Premiere Education Hub

at Bishan & Bukit Timah

2017 JC Cut-Off Points (latest)

 Junior College



Raffles Institution, RI 4 4
Hwa Chong Institution, HCI 4 4
Victoria Junior College, VJC 7 5
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), ACSi 5
National Junior College, NJC 7 6
Nanyang Junior College, NYJC 7 6
Anglo-Chinese Junior College, ACJC 8 7
St. Joseph’s Institution, SJI 7
Eunoia Junior College, EJC 9 9
Temasek Junior College, TJC 9 9
St. Andrew’s Junior College, SAJC 10 9
Anderson Junior College, AJC 11 9
Catholic Junior College, CJC 10 11
Meridian Junior College, MJC 11 11
Serangoon Junior College, SRJC 13 12
Pioneer Junior College, PJC 13 12
Tampines Junior College, TPJC 13 14
Jurong Junior College, JJC 15 15
Yishun Junior College, YJC 17 16
Innova Junior College, IJC 19 20

I’ve been to other tuition centres— all top-rated and well established, but I’ve never liked any of them.……

……..But Mr Tan’s classes felt entirely different………..

….he explains the concepts in manner that students understand, and connects concepts from previous chapters, allowing us students to synthesise the concepts much better. He always encouraged us to think outside of the box— a critical skill not many physics teachers train their students to develop

Sambhavi, Raffles Institution

I used to like Physics since Year 1, but the subject became harder over the years. I struggled and took a very long time to understand concepts and therefore cannot study efficiently for my exams. By the time I actually understand the concepts, I don’t have the time left to practise questions to prepare for exams. Eventually, I lost motivation and gave up and scored only a D at the last exam which is Year 4 EOYs.


However, after starting lessons with Mr Tan when I started JC, I could understand concepts quicker than I did before. Mr Tan explains concepts very well and could break down explanations to allow us to understand simply. Apart from that, Mr Tan is very patient and answers all my questions even though I might feel like I’m asking stupid questions. Mr Tan also looks out for students very well, knowing our weaknesses but encouraging us to overcome them and giving good tips for on how to study well. Tuition lessons and practices are also very meticulously planned such that we will be prepared for our exams.


I got a D again in my JC1 Midyears, as I struggled to cope with JC life. But Mr Tan made sure we were prepared for Promos by providing lots of practices and clarifying any misconceptions about the previous topics that we may have had difficulty understanding due to the higher level I’m JC. I used to also have the problem of forgetting concepts that we’ve learnt before earlier in the year and struggle again when exams come. But eventually thanks to the effective revision, I managed to get a B in Promos.


Honestly, Mr Tan’s lessons are interesting as he helps us to easily understand concepts and well as see how what we are learning actually happens in real life. I’m very grateful to have Mr Tan who is such a patient and efficient teacher who knows best how to help us in Physics, and also help us find the joy in learning Physics.

~~Yenyi, VJC~~